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For some reason I cannot get the comment section to pop-up properly. So if you've tried to guess on the previous post, sorry!

Wedding details are going very well, thank you for asking, and as the big date gets closer, I get more excited and nervous! The beauty of all the stressful planning is that I have become closer to the Arafah family, and all I can say is Wow. What an amazing family, what great hearts they have, and the tremendous power of their love is a constant, felt whether I'm physically with them or not. I am so grateful for each of you, and thank you Khalid, for showing me what love is.

On a side note, things keep getting added to our registries, so if you haven't found anything yet, keep on looking!

with love
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Representing an unrivaled balance between strength and finesse, this plant's upstanding stability is shown through its unwavering fortitude; during a storm, it has the flexibilty to bend in compliance to the wind's demands yet resumes a stoic demeanor once the ominous clouds have passed. The inspiration of the plant is embodied in the tenacity it maintains in the face of adversity without sacrificing its roots.

What plant am I?

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a wedding celebration

for whom

khalid and micah


saturday, february 14
valentine's day


six thirty in the evening


cleveland racquet club


maps for everything


bed bath and beyond