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For some reason I cannot get the comment section to pop-up properly. So if you've tried to guess on the previous post, sorry!

Wedding details are going very well, thank you for asking, and as the big date gets closer, I get more excited and nervous! The beauty of all the stressful planning is that I have become closer to the Arafah family, and all I can say is Wow. What an amazing family, what great hearts they have, and the tremendous power of their love is a constant, felt whether I'm physically with them or not. I am so grateful for each of you, and thank you Khalid, for showing me what love is.

On a side note, things keep getting added to our registries, so if you haven't found anything yet, keep on looking!

with love
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a wedding celebration

for whom

khalid and micah


saturday, february 14
valentine's day


six thirty in the evening


cleveland racquet club


maps for everything


bed bath and beyond